How To Create A Luxury Home On A Budget

Luxury Home

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When it comes to making your home look and feel more luxurious you don’t have to spend a fortune. It’s important to be creative and have priorities. Here are a few ideas to get create a luxury home on a budget.

Remove Clutter

A clutter free environment is the easiest way to make your home look more luxurious.

  • Get rid of furniture you no longer love or use. Lots of extra chairs and shelves stuffed into a room make it look claustrophobic.
  • Keep surfaces clear. A single piece, or groups of three look best when displaying items.
  • In a luxurious room the TV is never the focus.

Colours vs Textures

Luxury homes avoid using bright colours or when used they are limited to accent pieces.

  • Pillows are a perfect way to add a variety of textures and dimension.
  • A beautiful textured throw can be adding to a chair.
  • Choosing the right paint colour can add instant elegance to a room.


There are many budget friendly ways to decorate with lighting.

  • A small light placed behind a plant will create a focal point in a dark corner.
  • Adding dimmers allows you to create different moods in a room.
  • Switch out the standard shade that came with your lamp for a different option to help add dimension

You can make a grand statement with a single, luxurious piece of art instead of many small ones.

  • A large photograph, painting, tapestry, or anything big will grab the attention of anyone entering the room.
  • Create an abundant floral arrangement.
  • Limit large plants to one or two and replace cheap-looking or plastic pots

Think Luxury Hotel In Private Spaces

Duplicate the look and feel of an expensive hotel room in your bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Make the bed the focal point, by investing in luxury bedding, extra pillows and cozy throws.
  • Use light monochromatic colours.
  • The bathroom should be spotless, with big fluffy white towels and matching robes on display.
  • Limit containers and display as little bathroom products as possible.

With some creative ideas, a couple of investments in quality items, and a little work you too can have the look and feel of a luxury home while staying on a budget.

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